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First off, I'm sorry if  "For Auction" post are not allowed. I think I have
seen some for sales, but anyway.
 I have the above laptop on ebay with a but it now price of 400 dollars. I
have two other laptops so I am parting with this one.
 Included hard drive, ac adaptor, restore, external cd-r, plus more.

Please check it out

And again sorry if this is against the rules.

Re: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202

Whorrorfan wrote:

Not that it's against the rules here in the newsgroup (which it is), it is
against eBay's policies... and anyone "ratting" you out could potentially
cause you to lose your eBay account.

See the "Thank you" post from a couple days back for one such "victim" of
getting reported to eBay.


Re: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202

I am not aware of any violation of E-Bay policy as long as the seller is
not seeking a sale outside of E-Bay.

Bird Janitor wrote:

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Re: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202

| I am not aware of any violation of E-Bay policy as long as the seller
| is not seeking a sale outside of E-Bay.

Hi Barry -

There was a thread a couple of days ago with the subject "Thank you"...
which had the following text posted:

| Just wanted to send out a great big old thanks to the person who reported
| a violation to eBay on my account for offering a laptop for sale. That was
| much more intelligent (and braver!) than simply posting or e-mailing to
| that it was inappropriate to offer an auction on the newsgroup. Whoever
| you are hiding out there in cyberspace, you deserve a pat on the back.

I wasn't intending to cause the original poster difficulty.  I was merely
pointing out that another person who posted a link to their auction had been
reported for "spamming" this group and had apparently been reprimanded by

The original message still appears (in my newsreader anyway)... and it was
simply a link to the auction in question with the message:

| Hi all,
| Please pardon the intrusion but I am offering the above mentioned laptop
| for sale on eBay. The address is below - thanks for looking.

I went to eBay and read up on their rules regarding spamming and saw nothing
there that I interpret as a violation of their rules by posting a link to an
auction in a newsgroup... but, perhaps, eBay is making life difficult for
their users.


Re: FA: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S202

Just a comment on E-Bay listings, don't list an item as an "auction" at
399 with a "buy it now" ("BIN")price of $400.

If you are going to do that, just make it a straight "sale" and not an
"auction", with a $399 price.

When you have an "auction", the difference between the BIN price and the
starting price, or the reserve price, should be significant (20% or
more).  Also, you will get more bids -- a lot more bids -- if you have a
low starting price (for this item, $99 or less).  Use a reserve if you
want, but the way that you have this listed is not going to get you the
most bids or "top dollar" for your item.

[If I'd been listing this item, I would have had a starting price of
$50, a reserve of about $300 to $350 and a "BIN" price of $399]

Just some suggestions from someone who's been selling stuff on E-bay
since 1998.

[As for the price, $400 is a slightly high but not unreasonable price
for this model of computer.]

Whorrorfan wrote:

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