external video problem

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I have a laptop that I am trying to use the external video on. The
external monitor worked initially when I first tried it, but the icons
on the external were half off the screen. I started playing with the
settings, changing the resolution, and it didn't do anything.
  Then I hit the "extend my windows desktop" checkbox and that option
seemed to work fine. After fooling around with that for a while, I
unchecked the box and now I can't get anything on the external
  It works fine when the desktop is extended , and it will come on
when it is booting, but no matter what setting I try I can't get it to
come on. The external monitor just goes to sleep after the windows
splash screen.
  In the manual it says to hit the function + f4 key to switch options
with the external monitor.(external only, external and laptop, just
laptop.) but this does nothing.
  Any help would be truly appreciated, as I have run out of options.

Laptop: MPC transport t2200 w/ mobility radeon 9000 video.

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