External universal batteries?

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Hi all,
Do any of you have real experience using "universal" external batteries to
power your laptop? I'm talking about the ones where you plug the battery to
your laptop's AC socket, the same one you plug your regular power supply

Most I've found so far are from unknown manufacturers and one from APC which
had average reviews at best.

I'm keen to know what folks are really using for external laptop batteries
and how things worked out for them. I travel 80-90% of the time and it's
annoying having the battery die within 1.5 hours when most of my flights are
2+ and the international ones are over 8 hours. Power sockets are still not
available in most of the planes I've been on so that's not much help.

Any pointers/feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: External universal batteries?

On Tue, 06 Dec 2005 19:58:47 GMT, "Joe Yong"

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I bought one several years ago that failed after about a year. I took
it apart to find out how it was constructed. It contained several
gel-cell (sealed lead-acid) cells wired up to a charging circuit. Then
the output went to a lead wire that converted the ~12VDC to the input
voltage my computer wanted (14v if I remember right). Anyway, it
worked fine until one cell died, then it just wouldn't hold enough of
a charge to power the computer for any time. I think if the newer
units contain better cells, it should be better, last longer, and
weigh less than the version I had. Oh yes, when ordered, you had to
specify the computer you wanted to use it with.... the adapter cord
fit only that model computer, supposedly.

Charlie Hoffpauir

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