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I should be getting the Tecra A7 widescreen.  ATI X1600 card.
I want to get a second monitor with ordinary 15" XGA, 1024 X 768
screen.  I want this for 4:3 uses.
I want to play some older games on this, including DOS games.
I have found on the ATI pdf file that any attached monitor is
the secondary monitor.  It looks as if this is fixed.

My question is if I run a game that uses the 'whole' screen,
can I get it to run in the second 1024 X 768 monitor.
It probably won't be in a window I can drag across.
I was assuming I would start a program in the second monitor
and it would run there.

Re: External monitor question

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This is from the X1600 pdf file:

"Note: When you use multiple monitors with your card, one monitor
will always be Primary. Any additional monitors will be designated
as Secondary."

Not necessarily referring to a laptop and not really clear.
Would clone mode solve everything?  I can just ignore the monitor
I don't want then.

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Re: External monitor question

Sketch before scribbling:
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If you know you are about to run something that you want to force to the
external screen, you can change your video settings (via settings, hard
keyboard shortcuts, or using a hotkey) to swap in the external monitor as
the primary display.

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