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On my Compaq laptop with WinXP, can someone
refer me to instructions on how to install
an external monitor?  I tried just plugging
it in.  I got some stuff on boot, but
nothing thereafter.

Thanks for your help.


Re: External Monitor

The answer is too specific to the laptop and [video] chips used in the
motherboard, plus the BIOS implementation and video drivers (presumably
from compaq) to allow for a general answer.  Some laptops support dual
displays (by which I mean dual independent displays ... not showing the
same thing), others only support displaying the same thing on both the
internal and external display.  Often you have to hit some combination
of keys to "toggle" the external display on and off (or between the
internal and external displays).

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Re: External Monitor

In an earlier contribution to this discussion,

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Try Start / Settings / Control Panel / Display [1] - and that should give
you some options for selecting which monitor (internal panel or external) to

[1] This assumes 'Classic Start Menu' - so if you're not using that your
path to the Display properties may be different.
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