External Hard Drive broken?

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Hallo everybody,

last week I bought a 2,5" Fujitsu 40gb drive and an external
case(Revoltec). In the package of the case was the ordinary USB cable
and another usb plug for power supply. It worked fine for a few days
without plugging the power cable. Anyway I plugged it sometimes, just
for fun...

Suddenly the led on the case was darker than before but still the drive
worked fine. After taking it 4h by train(perhaps was hit by an
agitation or something) I tried to plug it and it didn`t work at all. I
can hear the drives motor and that the head moves once or twice but it
neither gets recognised by xp, nor does the led give any light. It's
the same when I plug both the USB cable and the power supply.

So, I am quite dissappointed and helpless because I don't have guess
what could have happened ?

Perhaps you can give me a hint, what to do or what ti try...thanks a
lot in advance!!


Re: External Hard Drive broken?

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did the connector come loose inside the enclosure?????

Re: External Hard Drive broken?

It's impossible to say for sure what happened, but I'm going to guess
that the most likely thing is that the controller in the external case
has failed.  If that's the case, the drive is probably still ok.  You
need to test the drive in another external case or in a laptop or
connected to a desktop IDE port.  I've had a number of these various USB
external devices (cases and/or just cable types) be or go bad.  I've
managed to fix a few of them.  The soldering quality is often very poor.
  But these things are selling for less than $10, so it's hard to complain.

note:  In almost all cases, they will operate with just one USB cable
connected, even when they have two cables to allow for more power.

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