External batteries or (non A/C) power sources

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I travel enough that the 2-hour battery capacity of my (current)
Omnibook 6000 is inadequate. I thought about buying extra batteries,
but they would only be good for that laptop. I am about to upgrade to
a new laptop (not sure what yet). Maybe I would do better with one of
those external power sources. I think I've seen seem some advertised
in PC Mag or elsewhere.

Has anyone used a non-A/C external power source? That is, something
that I can plug the laptop into to get a long running time (7-10

I'm looking for something that I could plug any laptop into.

How do these gizmos work? Do they have the proper voltage/wattage for
every laptop?

How long do they last? Are they like batteries and will die in 2-3
years? If so, I should just get extra batteries for the laptop.

I would appreciate any experiences -- good or bad.

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