External 2.5 Hard Drive Help

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This may not be the proper place to ask for help, but I figured this group
would have some expertise.

I bought a Hitachi 40 gb 7200 rpm drive and a 2.5 enclosure.  I got the
enclosure from EBay ( I know that may have been a mistake but..)   This
thing is driving me crazy.

It works fine on my Win98 laptop, (formatted with fat32), it work fine on my
IBM Desktop (formatted NTFS).  But when I move it over to my clone, Asus
A7N8x Deluxe Mother board, 512 Ram, etc...  its doesn't show up in windows
explorer or the disk management utility, but it does show up in the Device
Manager under Disk Drives, and of course this is one of the computer that I
need it to work on.

On the Asus setup, there have been times when Disk Management see it and I
have tried to format it, but just to get told, Format not Completed.  This
is flaky, it actually did work for a bit, but upon reboot, back to square
one again.

I have reinstalled the 4in1 driver, its has XP sp1, and I even updated the
BIOS.  Beginning to wish I hadn't bought the thing or had atleast bout I 3.5
set up.  (that way I could have saved some cash and still used the drive as
a internal, out of the case.)

Any idea what else to try?

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