Extened warranty and insurance

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I expect that extended warranty is a must for notebooks.

I've heard that there's also "screen insurance" that might be available even
after the warranty period.
Are screen insurance usually offered by the notebook manufacturer?
What are the alternatives?

What about theft insurance?
My condo policy has a computer rider.
My recollection is that it might not cover notebooks and, if it did, not
outside of the USA.
What are the alternatives?
http://www.standards.com /; See Howard Kaikow's web site.

Re: Extened warranty and insurance

Howard Kaikow wrote:

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I suppose that would vary with the notebook manufacturer (or seller as
the case may be).

I've never cared much for retail extended warranties, but manufacturer's
warranties are another matter. When I purchased a Dell Inspiron 8200 two
years ago, I also purchased Dell's complete care warranty (for three
years). Very reasonable and covers just about anything that could happen
to the notebook (including damage to the screen) except theft.

Fortunately, I've never had any problems with this system and never
needed any warranty work, so I can't comment on how well the warranty is
honored (except to say I haven't heard of anyone having any problems
with Dell on that matter).

Re: Extened warranty and insurance

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If you need your machine for business use you may not be covered by a
homeowners policy, and you'll not have any prefered attention from the
laptop service people that a contract with them would get you.  If
your laptop is completely destroyed you'll have to find a new model
and recreate your applications from backups.  A manufacturer almost
always gives you identical hardware under a warranty, so image backup
will work.  

Go with a manufacturer's no-questions policy.

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Re: Extened warranty and insurance

Al Dykes wrote:

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Actually, I've read reports where Dell replaced discontinued models with
considerably better models under complete care warranties.

Re: Extened warranty and insurance

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According to my agent, business use is covered.

Re: Extened warranty and insurance

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I agree, I would only go with manufacturer's warranties/

According to my insurance agent, my condo policy give me worldwide coverage
on notebook computers.
I'm getting an updated copy of the policy to verify this.

Re: Extened warranty and insurance

I was pleased to find that, since I had used my Platinum Visa card to
buy the Toshiba notebook that ended up needing a new system board (just
out of the manufacturer's warranty), I had an automatic doubling of the
warranty. Visa paid for everything but the cost of shipping the machine
to the service center.

A Gold or Platinum MasterCard might provide the same benefit.


On 11/22/04 11:51 am Howard Kaikow tossed the following ingredients into
the ever-growing pot of cybersoup:

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Re: Extened warranty and insurance

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Yes, but Visa appears to be cutting back.

Visa  used to give you up to 1 additional year  on warranties of up to 3

I recently received a renewal of a Visa card (platinum) and that has been
cut back to 1 year.
So if one opts for a manufacturers extended warranty to 3 years, the credit
cardextension won't apply.

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