Ethernet Fried (HP Pavillion ZE4210)

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Im using an HP Pavillion ZE4210, with a cable modem.  Friday night I had
ligtning damage to a number of things in my house, and one of the things
apparently damaged is the eithernet port on my Laptop.  The networks
control panel shows that there is no IP address even when a cable is
connected directly to the cable modem (which I had to replace, it was
dead as a brick!).  I also fried the ethernet port on my Mac desktop
computer, both were hooked to the same router which I still don't know
if it works..  I am using the laptop to send this message after
obtaining a PCMCIA ethernet card.

Everything was turned off at the UPS when this occurred, fortunately I
was not home, otherwise I may have been fried too!

My question is, how easy or hard is this to fix or get fixed?  Will
someone be able to fix this and will it be worthwhile to do so. Or
should I get them to give me a note that it's not repairable (and the
same thing for the Mac), and get my homeowner's insurance to buy me 2
new computers for the $500 deductible?

Thanks for your help

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

Re: Ethernet Fried (HP Pavillion ZE4210)

It will be a chip on the motherboard so motherboard replacement is
necessary. Insurance seems the right way.

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Re: Ethernet Fried (HP Pavillion ZE4210)

I have a service manual that covers this series, and unfortunately the
LAN port is directly on the motherboard (sometimes it's a mini-PCI card,
which would be easy to replace.  Unfortunately, for you, this is not the
case).  Fixing the lan port probably means a motherboard replacement.
You need to let your homeowner's insurance cover it, hopefully.  It is
repairable but the cost will be high (hundreds of dollars).

Larry Weil wrote:

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