Error message when battery is charging...

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It's my first notebook, so please don't beat me so hard...

I've bought a notebook with Pentium M 1.8 inside. When it's on and
charging, sometimes the system issues an error immediately after the
windows XP loads, saying that Windows has tried to protect my computer
from harm by shutting Windows down or something like that. Why does it
happen so?

Sometimes I have more luck and can use it for a while. But at those
lucky moments I noticed, that when it's charging, the System process is
using about 50% of processor. Is it normal?

I've also noticed that on those lucky moments the processor runs at
very low rates. And when I'm trying to force it to increase its rate by
doing some
"sweat requiring tasks" (like compiling java programs and watching the
movie at the same moment), the system doesn't not reacting to that and
doesn't try to increase its rate.

In fact when the battery is full, and I'm using it from AC power,
everything works just fine as it is fine when it is using battery's

So does anybody know where should I start looking for a problem? Maybe
it's the problem of supply unit and it's not capable to provide as much
power as the pc needs? Any suggestions are welcome...


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