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Hi all.

I have a Compaq Pressario 1800 series laptop.
It occasionally refuses to boot.
It just occurred to me that it beeps when it doesn't boot and doesn't
beep when it does.
Then I thought, duh, it's part of the POST.
So I did some research and have some questions.

The BIOS Manufacturer is Phoenix Version 4.06.
I get one log beep and two short ones then the pc stops.
One of the references I found suggested that this was a video card or
motherboard error.

I went to the Phoenix website and they say the error code is as
"Search for option ROMs. One long, two short beeps on checksum failure"

Anybody know what this means or have any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Error Beep Code Question

I'm not sure of your computer expertise, and I don't know about the specific
error code you mentioned, but here's a little background on checksums and
what may be going wrong with your laptop.

A checksum is a "magic number" that a block of memory is supposed to have,
to indicate that the memory block is installed, intact and not corrupted.
In software, a checksum is often used to add up the sum of all the bytes
within a particular memory block, then compare that sum with the expected
checksum value.  If the sum matches the expected value, it is assumed that
the tested memory block is OK.

According to the info you provided from Phoenix, your beep code is
indicating that an "option ROM" was being checked, and it failed the
checksum test.  The "option ROM" is a separate piece of permanent software
that's on your motherboard or on an attached daughterboard that controls
some device on your laptop, such as the video card, network interface, etc.

Since you're seeing it as an intermittent problem, it may indicate that a
cable or socketed chip on the motherboard has come partially disconnected or
loose, or it may be a temperature-related problem due to a faulty soldering
joint, etc.  Or, it may be an intermittent short or open circuit caused by
foreign material or liquids on a circuit board.

If you're tech savvy and feel comfortable poking around on your laptop's
motherboard, you may be able to find a loose connection by visual
examination of the motherboard and the cables connected to it.  Be advised
that you could render your laptop totally inoperable if you don't know what
you're doing or if you forget how to put the laptop back together.

David K.

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