Entry level laptop advice needed

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I need to buy an entry level laptop for a family member on the other
coast.  This is the same one I mentioned a month or two ago but it got
postponed.  The laptop will be used for basic web surfing, word
processing, etc., and maybe some not-too-demanding games (so far that
means Freecell).

Basic requirements:

 -- Low up-front cost, not necessarily absolute bottom dollar, but
    preferably below $750.  Acer 3003LCW is looking good in most ways.

 -- Should be usable by a nontechnical person immediately out of the
    box with absolutely minimal hassle.  That means if at all
    possible, it should NOT need any software patches or memory
    upgrades before use.  The Acer mentioned above comes with XP Home
    and 256MB and I've heard that XP really wants 512MB.  I could
    install a second 256MB module but that would mean shipping the
    machine around a couple extra times, which I'd rather avoid.  So
    it would be preferable to get a machine that has 512MB as delivered.

 -- Also, a few months ago, there was some horrible security bug in
    Windows that needed an urgent patch; would an Acer machine ordered
    today be likely to ship with the patch already installed?

 -- It's very desirable if the machine comes with CD-ROM's or DVD's to
    reinstall the OS from scratch if things get messed up, or at least
    some kind of partition that allows writing out a set of CD's.  All
    laptops used to come with those but I think it's become rare.

 -- Size and battery runtime aren't important, it will basically only
    be used at home and on AC power.

Re: Entry level laptop advice needed

Paul Rubin <http://phr.cx@NOSPAM.invalid writes:
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Oops, sent that before I finished.  I had a couple other things to
mention but basically wanted to ask what people thought of the Acer
and if they had any other comparably priced suggestions.


Re: Entry level laptop advice needed

On 10 Mar 2006 22:25:31 -0800, Paul Rubin
<http://phr.cx@NOSPAM.invalid wrote:

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I purchased the aforementioned Acer 3003Wlci for a family member for
Xmas and we were both so impressed with this that when that modem went
back on special at CompUSA we could another for our office.  

I received an email from CompUSA referencing an in store special they
are having  next weekend and this particular model is selling for
$499.  Yep!  That's $499.  If I didn't have 2 already I would buy

It comes with XP Home installed, internal 802.11g wireless, DBD/CD-RW,

Go for it!


Re: Entry level laptop advice needed

Brought the 3003 up here in Canada for 799. I`ve seen the specials that
people get them in the US. Wish I could have done that. I`m happy with the
machine except for the battery being only good for about 1.5. But you said
that`s not a consideration.
Make sure you check the configuration. Mine had the 512 of ram because I
believe, like you, that XP needs it. Also an 80 Gig HD (prepartioned into 2
40Gig) but only a cd burner /DVD  rom. Overall I`m very happy.We`ll see how
reliable it is.
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