Emachines M2105 Monitor Problem

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First sorry about the X-Post but figured both groups were relevant. I have a
Emachines M2105, I have had it for about 1 1/2 years and shortly after I
purchased it (I purchased it to take overseas with me) the monitor began
flickering when opening and closing. Its been doing that for about a year. I
never had it looked at because as soon as the monitor was fully opened it
worked fine (Plus I was in the middle of a desert with no options to send it
anywhere). Well, now the monitor is flickering all the time and even blanks
out completely now and then and I have to move it back and forth to get it
to stop flickering. I had posted something about this when it first started
(shortly before I left for overseas) and someone mentioned it was a problem
with the wiring between the monitor and computer, apparently a common
problem for M2105's. Can someone post what exactly this problem is. I plan
on taking this computer to my LCS and I dont want them telling me  need to
replace the monitor when its probably something as simple as some soldering.
TIA. Jeff

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