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Have just bought a tv with dvi socket on
I would like to connect my powerbook into it and wondering what lead
my mac powerbook is the 1ghz version  - although the question could
apply to a pc with dvi socket.
Iam confused with dvi-i and dvi-d as the picture of dvi-i dual on
http://www.edgetechcorp.com/accessories/cablefaqs.asp looks like the
one on the powerbook and the tv
But leads I have seen on the net all talk about dvi-d
The tv does come with a vga cable but on the powerbook there isnt a
vga output - I would like to mirror the screen so it needs to be
- mainly for watching movies.
Or am I better (any difference in quality?) just getting an adapter
for the powerbook to vga as the tv has vga socket and lead??

Re: dvi socket question

DVI-I has both digital and analog signals present at the same connector.
  This is the usual configuration for a DVI output jack on a video card,
motherboard or laptop, and it's rare on a monitor (rare, but not
absolutely unheard of .... of course, on a monitor it would be an
input).  Most monitor DVI jacks are DVI-D (digital only) and while most
(almost all) monitors that have DVI jacks have analog inputs also, the
analog input is more commonly connected using a totally separate 15-pin
VGA socket as opposed to the analog pins of what would then be a DVI-I
INPUT socket.

Since your powerbook PROBABLY has a DVI-I output, you can (if you want
to) convert this to a VGA output (15-pin socket) with just a $5
connector adapter.  But using DVI to DVI (digital to digital) is going
to give you a better signal.

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