DVD Drive Compaq SR-8171-D

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my internal Compyq DVD drive SR-8171-D was manfactured in 99 and does not
read any self recorded DVD, only the commercial ones. Is there a chance to
get a newer drive who can read self-burned DVDs?

Can I get a new drive only from Compaq, or maybe from another supplier? I
don't know if these drives have a certain standard.


Re: DVD Drive Compaq SR-8171-D

It's hard to be sure.  The more modern drives are pretty much
standardized as to mounting holes and connector (in both cases, adapters
may be mounted to the drive to adapt the drive to the laptop, but those
can be moved from one drive to another).  The bigger issue is the
plastic fascia bezel on the front of the door.  These are not
standardized in how they mount to the drive, and some laptops have drive
fronts that are neither flat nor perfectly rectangular, so that you
can't take the door front off the existing drive and move it to the new
drive.  It's almost impossible to tell without actually trying it.

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