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Is thier  way for me to change the LCD on my laptop to a bigger size besides
toting around an LCD screen? The reason I ask this is becasue  I want a
bigger screen on my laptop and I know how to take them apart and replace the
old screen wtih a new one but is it theorotically possible to put lets say a
17in screen on a laptop that has a 14 in wide screen? Just a thought please
no flames the idea just came to me and I was just curious...


Re: dumb idea I got

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Perhaps on a handful of models this is possible, (is same unit offered
with different screen sizes). But I'd say no. A 17" screen would be
wider than your laptop. And the hinges wouldn't line up.

Re: dumb idea I got

anthony wrote:
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Re: dumb idea I got

Try it and see what happens, worst it can do is not work. I would assume
that the ribbon cable is just a VGA cable so it would be similar to swapping
the monitor on a desktop. I'm sure it wouldn't close correctly but you
probably knew that already. Another thought is the battery..how much drain
on the battery is the larger screen going to draw? Will the battery life be
significantly affected?

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