Dual Head - Full Screen Video on Widescreen monitor

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In the past, I was using an external 4:3 aspect ratio monitor along
with my laptop monitor (1680x1050) in dual head setup. Videos were
always shown in full screen on the external monitor.

Now I puchased a widescreen external monitor (1680x1050), which works
fine, except that the full screen feature mentioned above distorts the
display. The monitor says it's running at 640x480 resolution only, when
showing the video, even though it had been properly set up to run at
full resolution in normal dual head mode.

 The GeForce FX Go5200 Tool of my graphics card lets me turn off the
Full Screen Video option (in this case the video is only shown in the
pertaining player), but it doesn't let me change the default

Does anybody have an idea, how to configure the Full Screen video to be
shown in the external monitors current resolution?
I hope this would give me some black bars on the sides, instead of
stretching the video to fill the whole monitor area.


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