Dual *external* monitors with laptop?

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   I'm looking to replace my desktop PC with a laptop.  I'm used to
working with side-by-side 20" and 19" monitors using Windows XP's dual
monitor support.  I'd like to be able to keep these two monitors and use
them in the exact same configuration as I use them today with my desktop
PC.  A docking station of some sort sounds appropriate, but I'd like to
use my standard keyboard and monitors and just leave the laptop closed
and out of the way (in the docking station) while I'm at my desk.

   In searching for whether or not this configuration will work I'm
finding all sorts of information about dual-monitors using the laptop
LCD as one of them.  I'm not interested in this.  Does anyone know of a
  laptop / docking station combination that will allow this?  I don't
yet have a preference towards any particular manufacturer.  Thanks.


Re: Dual *external* monitors with laptop?

You can always use a CardBus video card (such as this one
http://www.villagetronic.com/e_pr_vtbook.html ), although they are not
common and can be rather expensive.


Re: Dual *external* monitors with laptop?


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Just to second this info, one of our programmer/engineers at work needs to
have two external displays when giving demos of his program to a large group.
The vtbook card works pretty well in an office/productivity environment,
along with the included VGA output port on the back of the laptop.
His alternative would have been to haul around a dual monitor desktop system
until he found this card. He said he saw some that were USB devices with the
video ckts in an external box, but but they didn't have the same spec. as the
Don't remember the cost, but it was on the web sites.


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