dual analog video

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I have to connect a laptop to two analog (HD-15 VGA) displays.  I got a
Dell Precision M90 that has a VGA out and a DVI out.  I was going to
use a DVI to VGA converter on the the second output and go on about my
day....unfortunately the DVI connector is a DVI-D which is digital only
and can't be used with a VGA monitor.  I need a laptop with a DVI-I
connector instead (until running into this problem I thought all DVI
connectors were the same).  It seems every laptop I've come across that
has dual video out has a VGA port and a DVI-D port.  Dell just says
"DVI connector", but you can look at the pictures online of the
different laptop families and see that their all DVI-D.  Alienware and
HP don't have anything to fit the bill either.  Has anyone come across
a modern (dual core cpu) laptop with dual VGA outputs or a VGA and a

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