Dropped my laptop

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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A1667G damage

The laptop was dropped from about 4 feet onto a ceramic tiled kitchen
It boots up ok
The screen has pixel damage to the left hand side which varies from
day to day
Programs which require processor use result in locking/freezing and
the only way out is to re-boot
The laptop appears to have landed on the bottom left-hand corner, as
the case is sprung slightly and the volume control wheel has been
pushed into the case and is inoperable
The internet can be accessed, but again the laptop email program locks
up in use

Anyone care to hazzard a guess as to what would be wrong and is it

Re: Dropped my laptop

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007 12:20:00 GMT, Martin @nohere.net wrote:

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I have no suggestions other than to try to locate another
identical make/model that is mechanically sound but
electronically out of order, then do some parts swapping.

I have a Winbook XL3 with a broken left hinge, that works very
well in all other respects. I would like to sell/trade it to
someone who needs the parts, rather than toss it into the trash


Re: Dropped my laptop

Sell it on E-Bay for parts and buy a new one.  It's unlikely to every be
really acceptable for use as a primary computer again.

Martin @nohere.net wrote:
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Re: Dropped my laptop

Thanks Gordon & Barry
I have made a claim through my house insurance accidental damage, thay
have accepted my claim and are having it inspected to see if it is
repairable.  They will collect it on Tues and I should know the
outcome a week  later.
That's why I was wondering how fixable it might be

Re: Dropped my laptop

Martin @nohere.net typed:
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The odds are great that it will cost more to fix than what it is worth.


Re: Dropped my laptop

On Aug 26, 5:20 am, MartinBF=A9=AC @nohere.net wrote:
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I dropped a laoptop (not mine; it's family's but  doesn't use it much
either) - it slided off my the pillow on my lap tp the cement floor
and so it hits on the back. I don't know what kind of danage it can
occur.  I have been using lately but mostly WORD  and to go online.

What kind of damage could have occured on this Gateway C200S?

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Re: Dropped my laptop

You tell us.  There could have been no damage, or there could have been
massive damage to virtually every major part of the laptop.

amandaf37@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: Dropped my laptop

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  Well, I borrowed it to use during a training and so I installed some
stuff. later during the training some of them didn;t get installed but
it could just be because this laptop is not performance type.

 Recently, I started using it mainly to type letters and then to go
online, and seems working okay - though I noticed words jumpining when
I typed email this morning but since I didn't use it much before I
dropped it, I don't know what to compare. Besides, what I am using it
for are not performance type. BTW, I have removed everything I
installed after the training period.

I am now in the process to buy a performance laptop.

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