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I recently bought a Toshiba satellite laptop and have been struggling
trying to get the graphics good enough to watch streaming videos that
played fine on my old computer. This are all professionally made fishing
videos. I have changed the display settings from the 1024x600 to
1280x600 with no increase in the quality of the video. The problem is
that all dark to black areas look like they were painted on, making
anything in the shadows washed out in black.

So today I downloaded the latest drivers from the Toshiba site for my
model laptop: L305D-S5934. I then closed all open programs except for my
virus program, and used the auto install from the download file. All
seems to go well until it says finished and I need to reboot. Then I get
a popup saying that the drivers may not have been loaded. After the
reboot I checked, and sure enough, they're still the old drivers. Is
there a procedure to install drivers that I should be following?

Thanks for any help.

Re: Driver Installation

Joel typed on Sat, 14 Mar 2009 21:15:13 -0400:
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Two things come to mind. One is what program are you using to play the
videos? As in this program, may have adjustments to take care of this.
And I would do this before missing around with any drivers.

Secondly, you can manually install drivers in the Device Manager. Also
in Display Properties. So do you try there as well? Sometimes an
antivirus can block a successful driver install.

Also it could have installed, but Windows rolled back the drivers
because they didn't work. I really wouldn't be messing around with the
video drivers to work on this problem. As I would be changing the
player's adjustment or tweaking the scale with the current video driver.

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Re: Driver Installation

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Google for K-Lite codecs and for VLC Media Player and try them both. They
are free and allow adjustments that Bill refers to. I have both installed
and when one won't work, the other usually does.

Re: Driver Installation

olfart wrote:
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I've downloaded movies from my library using Over Drive Media console
and it plays through Window Media Player 11. The fishing shows are
played through Adobe Flash Player 10, while some shows like Lunkerville
are viewed using Quick time. All are the latest versions.Quick time has
the least problems, but all have shadow issues. And all worked perfectly
with my old PC that had a Nividia FX5700 Deluxe card.

This is my 1st laptop as well as using Vista as a OS.

I just downloaded and installed the Codec for Vista. It did help some
with the shadow issue with WMPII.

Thanks for the suggestions and help.


Re: Driver Installation

Joel wrote:
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Try adjusting the Gamma setting in your video card settings.  Note that
many problems can be 'cured' by small adjustments in the screen position.


Re: Driver Installation

AnonDelMundial typed on Sun, 15 Mar 2009 17:55:48 -0600:
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Whoa! If that is the case, sounds like you are using something other the
native resolution of the LCD screen.

Asus EEE PC 701G4 ~ 2GB RAM ~ 16GB-SDHC
Windows XP SP2

Re: Driver Installation

BillW50 wrote:
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I'm using one of the 4 resolution settings that you can select from the
display options.  Also, how do you adjust the Gamma settings?  I've
tried every option, tab I can find, but there aren't any for Gamma settings.

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