dreadful foolishness committed on new netbook

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I have done a dismal, dreadful thing with my new Acer netbook=85 I used
a pair of USB keys to move 2Gb writing photos music etc. into its
160Gb hard drive. One of the keys I used properly=85 the other I did not
properly shut off before removing. AND=85 I had some recent writing I
was doing as I went.
   Sooo=85 I wanted to move the writing back to my old pc=85 and I decided
to clear the USB key of files. I sent them to the recycle bin of the
laptop. Then I believe I may have removed the USB key before it was
done unloading.

Then ALL the 2Gb of documents inmy documents=94 disappeared utterly.
Otherwise the computer is fine, works fine etc. A search can=92t find
So I plugged the USB key back in, and tried restoring the files from
out of the recycle bin. They went to the computer=92smy documents=92
A great many if not all the files bounced around from the USB had
duplicates in the computer=92smy documents=92 so the problem may have
begun there. Losing most of them is no problem they still exist on
the old pc. My question one: is it possible to recover the WORD files
I wrote today?
And two: this netbook has some program like SafeConfig says it will
restore the system to an earliersnapshot.=92 Might it be useful? (I
haven=92t found it yet but it may be the Acer restore thing)
and what happened?

Re: dreadful foolishness committed on new netbook

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well, it 'dumped' the docs rather than totally crash, i guess... seems
fine now. I've reloaded the files I lost, rewritten the totally lost
stuff, and life goes on. I won't do THAT again, you may be certain -

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