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In a Notebook Toshiba Satelite, with Windows Vista, when I down brightness
of the LCD with the function keys, It continues being very high, do you know
some good Utility to down brightness?

Miguel M. Yalán

Re: Down brightness

Try the power management utility (in control panel) instead of the
function keys to control the brightness.

Miguel wrote:
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Re: Down brightness

Miguel (responderalgrupo@invalid.invalid) wrote:
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***   Read your manual. Some screens are not adjustable. I have an HP
Pavilion that has such a screen.

         Richard Bonner /

Re: Down brightness

Richard Bonner typed on Mon, 16 Feb 2009 14:33:30 +0000 (UTC):
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How old is that Pavilion? As about 10 years ago I have seen this like on
my two Toshiba 2595XDVD from 1999. But I believe that practice was short
lived. And earlier than this, they usually had thumb wheels on the side
of the lid.

By the way, anybody recall the first color laptop screen? I can't, but
my first one was a Toshiba 1950CT 486SX-25 from the 1994 era. They
didn't design it with a fan, so it cooked itself in 5 years. Pain in the
rear to dissemble too. Just even swapping out the 200MB hard drive was a
major project.

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