Does Nero InCD work on Toshiba laptops?

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Can't get it to work here.  All the latest updates are in, but it still will
not format a CD-RW.  It will burn one, just the packet writing part (InCD)
won't work.

It came with the Roxio stuff and I removed it all as I favor Nero.  Now it
won't work.  >:o(



Re: Does Nero InCD work on Toshiba laptops?

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:21:15 GMT, "B. Peg"

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I have a Toshiba P20 laptop and inCD now works OK, both on CD's and
DVD's, both R and RW, but only after completely removing Roxio.

I initially had some difficulty getting inCD to work as I found the
Roxio DirectCD packet writing software was still installed even after
uninstalling the Roxio EasyCD software via Control panel Add/Remove.
InCD wouldn't install until I removed DirectCD completely.

I also had some trouble later when I put a DirectCD formatted DVD into
the drive - it tried to reinstall the DirectCD software and stuffed up
inCD again.
Peter Wilkins
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Re: Does Nero InCD work on Toshiba laptops?

It should work, but you would be very well advised NOT to use it even if
it does.  For reasons that I won't go into, packet writing in general
(not just Nero's or Roxio's specifically) is a disaster waiting to
happen, and in my opinion it should not even be installed (and I don't).
  And I was associated with Corel / Adaptec / Roxio's CD burning
software for almost 5 years.  If you make such disks, you should expect
that at some later time, when you need them, you won't be able to read them.

B. Peg wrote:

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