Does anyone remember the Panasonic CF-35 Toughbook?

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It's a sweet little computer, but it has its problems.  LOL!  The unit has
no floppy drive - just a dard drive.  But the computer doesn't see the hard
drive.  And it has one USB port, but the computer doesn't see it either.
Bios sees the hard drive, but has no USB settings at all.  I tried to
upgrade the bios but it doesn't take.  So, I really need a floppy drive,
unless one of you knows the input plug type (used also for hard drive).   If
I knew what it was I could perhaps figure a way to plug an external in to

My final question is, does anyone know if a newer, better, faster,
motherboard would fit in this puppy's frame?  I really like it!

Thank you

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