Does anyone else have the buggy VGN-AR31S?

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I bought the extremely expensive flagship sony laptop VGN-AR31S
yesterday. I got it home and started up. The very fist thing I did was
look for windows explorer to check the hard drive size. Annoyed by the
stupid vista menu I switched the start menu to classic view. Then I
tried to drag and drop windows explorer to the top level of the start
bar. Can you belive - it crashed with "Windows Explorer has stopped
working". Liternally this was the first thing I did on the machine
before connecting to internet or anything! The whole build is corrupt.
I played for it last night and found the following problems:

(1) Crash if you try to drag and drop menu intems in the start menu.
This does not happen if you turn User Account Control Off (not

(2) After a reboot the wireless network reconnects but IE and all
other apps find no internet connection. You have to manually close and
reopen the wireless network.

(3) Playing a blue ray DVD crashes if you set it to fast forward with
16 speed and leave it a few minutes.

(4) Playing a DVD without the power cord in causes the CVC to run so
slow its dreadful.

This is absolutely insane....

Anyone else have this machine?

Re: Does anyone else have the buggy VGN-AR31S?

On Mar 28, 4:33 am, wrote:
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I would strongly suggest returning it for a full refund.

I'm thinking that if you got a straight exchange you would wind up
with the same buggy BluRay drive, and probably the same networking

Re: Does anyone else have the buggy VGN-AR31S?

Not the fault of the machine. I would say it is the software.

1. The problem is fixed if you turn off UAC. Not the machines fault.
2. Opening and closing of the network connection, again not the fault of
the laptop.
3. Sounds like a fault with the media player. As you don't say which
media player is playing the media.
4. Sounds like a power problem. Try checking the power settings.
Unplugged settings tend to favor battery life.
Playing Media should have full power settings set. Being BD Media is not
a DVD More power is needed to decode the disc and play it.

Do 3 and 4 happen when the unit's plugged in on AC ?
If so, then I would return it. If not, Try changing the power settings. wrote:
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