Docking station problems

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We have one employee that uses a laptop (IBM) as his main computer, so
that he can go back and forth with it between home and work.  I got a
Tagus Docking Station with video (model ACP50US).  I wanted something
that was pretty easy, and the Targus is only one USB plugin in the
morning for him.  It works pretty good for awhile, but then I need to
reload the drivers because it starts locking up on him.

If he leaves it alone for awhile, when he comes back to it, the mouse
won't work or the keyboard.  Like I said, if I reload the drivers,
everything is fine for awhile.  My thought is that there is some
problem (or limitation) with the video running through the USB.

Any idea?  I'd appreciate anything.  Thanks.


Re: Docking station problems

I am not sure if there is an incompatibility with your docking station
and your notebook..

Re: Docking station problems

Would an incompatibility cause this type of behavior where it works
fine for awhile and then not?

Also, any suggestions on a different docking station with video?  This
Targus is exactly what I want, but I need it to work :)

Re: Docking station problems

 >Would an incompatibility cause this type of behavior where it works
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It just  don't work  after a short time use....?
Thats what I expect....
...if not, it will continue to work harmoniously...

Re: Docking station problems wrote:
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Check all of the power management settings on the USB root hub(s) being
used and turn off power savings mode. See if there is a bandwidth
reservation in the USB host controller that might be coming into play?
He might monitor the current draw on that root hub also.  If there are
other USB devices running, those might be causing the hub to shut down
on excessive current. He might have to swap the keyboard and mouse
(USB?) to another host controller.  Also, turn off screen saver and
standby mode, if those are active, to eliminate at least standby loss of
the drivers.

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