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About 2 weeks ago I was using my HP XT412 i dropped it about 1 foot
and it struck the floor on one corner. I turned it right back on and
it was fine for a few more hours. The next day I went to use it and
found that it would no longer turn on. The battery is fully charged.
The green light indicating AC adapter is on. But no power to on/off

One more detail not very sure if it is important or not. When I bought
this computer, in February 2003, the on/off switch didnt turn the
computer on. The "?" key above the keyboard would turn it on. This no
longer turns it on either. I have tried a complete pwer off. Including
unplugging, taking the battery out and holding the reset switch for 1
minute. Nothing works. There is no visible damage to the external
case. The computer is in perfect shape. I really don't have the $650
that HP wants for the repair.

Is there anyway to check for a loose wire or even to check to see if
the main power board broke in the fall since i dont feel like paying
HP to not be able to repair my PC.

Thank you for your time.


Re: DOA HP XT412

First try reseating the RAM.. And then reset. (With power and batt
disconnected).. Let us know if you need a free estimate or if you want
help doing the diagnostics yourself..

Re: DOA HP XT412

I did try that. I pulled the memory out and reset it but that didn't
work either. The power switch feels different but it still clicks. I
might need some help with the diagnostics but if it is to hard I think
I'll just send it to ya. I was just hoping it was something dumb and
easily fixed. I was thinking if I got the keyboard out and maybe the
case apart I would be able to at least see if the board was cracked
and then I would know that it wasnt worth fixing before i spent money
on HP. They want $230 up front and then $640 if it needs a mother

If you have free estimates that will work. But before I waste your
time can you give me some instruction on how to look at the board and
see if it got broken?


Re: DOA HP XT412

Figures.. They like to swallow the 240.00  give HIGH estimates.. And
just send the notebooks back. Talk about a crooked deal. Most of our
repairs never exceed the cost they charge to assess the trouble. And
they ALWAYS opt for a new motherboard it seems. If you send it here..
The estimate exceeds what you want to spend. We ship it back. Just
that simple. Glad to help, Ken

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