diskpart's "clean all" hangs, no signs of HD activity

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I am following the instructions at
to erase my entire HD before sending my laptop somewhere.  In
particular, I am issuing the diskpart command from a "command prompt
at boot".  I only have one HD on the laptop, Disk 0, and I selected it
before "clean all".  The above webpage says it takes approximately 1
hour per 300GB, and I have 300GB but it is still not done after 2
hours.  However, I also note that the HD LED is not showing any

Has the process hung due to the fact that I am cleaning the same HD
that I am operating from? Is it advisable to forcibly shut the machine
down, then haul the HD out into an external enclosure so that I can
use another computer to look/see what was erased?  Will it hurt the HD
to interrupt such a (possibly hung) erasing procedure?

I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a Toshiba Satellite Pro S750-008
(a.k.a. PSSERC-00800)

Re: diskpart's "clean all" hangs, no signs of HD activity

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Nope, it should refuse to do that if it doesn't like it.

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Nope. Just use DBan to erase it instead.
http://www.dban.org /

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Not if there is no led activity and not even if there was.

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Re: diskpart's "clean all" hangs, no signs of HD activity

On Tuesday, June 12, 2012 2:57:14 AM UTC-4, AndyHancock wrote:
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Thanks, Rod.

I tried ctrl-C, which brought me back to the command prompt.  However, afte=
r exiting and attempting to reboot, it kept complaining about missing somet=
hing or other (I didn't write it down).  So I resorted to using the System =
Recover discs.

Here is where I strayed from the beaten path.  In the link in my original p=
ost, I followed the link for "command prompt at boot".  From there, I follo=
wed the link for Advanced Boot Options.  From those combinations of links, =
it seemed that it was possible to erase the HD from which the system booted=
.  I couldn't fathom why, but I assumed that it was because command prompt =
at boot was self-contained in memory.

From the feedback that I've gotten on this, however, I am obviously wrong. =
 That probably applies to when you get command prompt at boot from a repair=
 disc.  For Toshiba laptops, we are instructed to make a set of recovery di=
scs rather than a repair disc.  Fortunately, when I boot off the first disc=
, I get the option of going to system recovery options, and from there, I f=
ound my way to the system prompt at boot.  So far, the erase-all seems to b=
e proceeding sanely, judging only from the fact that the HD LED is on conti=
nuously.  I'll see if it's done in an hour before considering moving to oth=
er products such as what you suggest.

Thanks for getting me back on track!

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