Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

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Am looking at netbook type machines, and the attraction of a shockproof,
low power solid state drive is nice. Of course, the capacity is much lower
than mechanical drives, and I was wondering about the impact of Windows
updates, etc on space usage.

Do I understand correctly that the system partition and OS files reside on
the same storage space as apps, data, etc on the SSD? What about updates
(service packs, etc)? One would think that, over time, the amount of disc
space would slowly start to erode. (Of course, XP is a reasonably mature
OS and the amount of space required for patching should slow down).

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

Mike S. typed on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 13:23:32 +0000 (UTC):
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Hi Mike! Well IMHO, 4GB is just too small. As Windows XP SP2 take up
2.7GB itself which just leaves 1.3GB left for applications and updates.
With a little hack, one can install new applications on a flash, SD, or
other removable storage devices. Although while I used this for a while,
I noticed a performance loss and I get rid of this idea.

I have three 4GB SSD models and two 8GB SSD models. And the 8GB ones I
have not ran out of disk space yet. Although those 8GB models (Asus
EeePC 702), the SSD are replaceable and can be upgraded anyway. While
the 4GB models are soldered on the motherboard and doesn't have a slot
for a new SSD card.

Another thing to look for with SSD, is what type you plan on getting?
There are two types. SLC and MLC. The latter are cheaper, doesn't last
as long, and can become very slow during writing. The SLC type can
handle 10 to 20 more writes than MLC can, and doesn't have to do the
erase cycle like the MLC types do. Thus they are not as slow as MLC
types are.

As for the belief that SSD use less power than conventional hard drives.
well. I believe this is old information. As power consumption increases
as memory size increases. And they are only getting larger and larger as
time moves on. This isn't so with hard drives with larger and larger

Gateway MX6124 - Windows XP SP2

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

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I think alot depends on what the OP wants to do with a netbook. My eeePC 701
(4gb SSHD) has WinXPHome SP3 with all undates installed. With MS office,
several media players, firewall, AV, antispyware, ccleaner and some othe
misc progs I am using 2.7gb. I do have my Garmin GPS(1.8GB), some games.
temp int files and MY Documents installed on drive D (4gb flash) using about
2gb. I use flash cards for music, movies, photos etc with no real
performance hit anywhere. Now if you are into Photoshop or video editing
then yes you need more capacity, but if a netbook is used "on the road" as
mine is then what I have does a great job. I don't use a swap file or system
restore which both use space and I have deleted all the $uninstall$ files
for updates.
BTW...got a little surprise on my last trip. Stayed at 2 different motels
that had wifi, but required a passphrase to connect. Using my Dell C610 I
had to enter the password. I fired up the eeePC and the damn thing connected
on it's own.

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

olfart typed on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:31:22 -0400:
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Well I don't know why your XP system is so small olfart. Although I
still use the OEM version of XP from EeePC and that starts out as 2.7GB
in size. You must have installed your own, eh? The Asus OEM is really a
XP Ghost image. So I don't have any install for the extra software that
comes with it like Windows Live and MS Works stuff.

I don't use either and I am very tempted to delete them. Although the
only way to get MS Works back someday, I have to restore from one of my
backups. Something I rather not do as time moves on after other things
have been installed. I guess the Windows Live stuff can always be
downloaded from the Internet. They both take up about 480MB (MS Works
takes up 400MB alone).

This one 4GB machine only has 53.5MB free right now. And no, I don't use
a swapfile either. I clear out the update backups from time to time.
Although I don't delete the $hf_mig$ folder. Which is eating about 100MB
of space. I don't delete it since Windows gets confused what has already
been installed without it.

Asus EEE PC 701G4 ~ 2GB RAM ~ 16GB-SDHC
Windows XP SP2

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

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Hey Bill;
I messed around with nLite for a while, but could never get what I wanted.
So I bought a fresh copy of  XP Home and installed it. My Windows folder is
now 1.44gb, but I have removed programs like Movie Maker and any others I
don't need. For MS Works I'm using an old version 4.0 which was written for
Win95( got it on eBay for $5.00). Works great here and it's folder is
5.2mb. About the biggest prog I have is Paragon at about 80mb.
So my Windows folder is 1.44, my Progran Files folder is 665mb, I did put my
Garmin GPS(1.66gb) on D drive along with games, temp files, my documents and
other misc junk.

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

Thanks for the responses so far. Frankly the limited disc space and
arguable advantages scare me. Am leaning more towards a higher capacity,
mechanical HDD now.

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

Mike S. typed on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 18:15:37 +0000 (UTC):
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Well I am not sure I know your concerns very well. As I feel 4GB is too
tight to work with while 8GB seems like plenty to me. While olfart feels
4GB is fine. So IMHO, if you get 8GB or larger you should be just fine.
And if you get one that can be easily upgraded, then even far better. As
I believe my 8GB models can be upgraded to 64GB if I wanted too. And
most likely, far higher in the future. Which is really plenty of space.
My 4GB models are not upgradeable, so just something to look for. After
two years or so, you probably want to upgrade it anyway is my guess.

I do personally fear conventional hard drives and I am afraid to operate
them on my lap, a moving car, or laying them down somewhere while the
hard drives are running, etc. Although all of those fears are gone with
SSD. As the only abuse I have to worry about is one that would crack the
LCD screen. Otherwise, normal wear and tear will have no effect on them.
I personally view SSD as truly portable devices. As hard drive ones are
not really. As you must find a stable platform for them to operate them
first. And if you want true portability, hard drives just don't cut it.

Asus EEE PC 701G4 ~ 2GB RAM ~ 16GB-SDHC
Windows XP SP2

Re: Disk space usage on netbook with SSD

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009 18:15:37 +0000, Mike S. wrote:

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I have an ASUS 900 I had the 4 gig SSD and anted for pace so I installed a
super talent 64GB SSD got added speed from it also.


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