disk orientation in thinkpad r51

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Hello all,

I've recently received my laptop (tp R51 1892 EHG) back from service station
and found out I couldn't put my hard drive (Fujitsu) back into the slot. To
my surpise it had to be turned upside down - lettering is now at the bottom.
I thought ata cable was probably badly mounted, but a guy at the service
told me that I had been wrong because in this model disk is and always was
placed upside down. And so i got confused and kindly ask any of you - happy
thinkpad r51 owners - to unscrew disk slot and check the disk orientation.
For some reason I can't believe ibm manufactures its laptops so that drive
lays on its back. Could it be generally safe?? Thanks in advance...


Re: disk orientation in thinkpad r51

Kuba W. wrote:

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It is easy to get confused and to hesitate at the time of mounting the
disk. Happened to me and I have a hard remembering the right way is ...
lettering to the bottom, I just check to be double sure. I guess it is
safe and that disks are designed to allow any position. In desktops,
disks can be mounted on the side.
John Doue

Re: disk orientation in thinkpad r51


Maybe you should stand on your head when you fit
the HD? Or try to remember that you probably have
your laptop upside down when fitting the drive :- )

At least that is the case with my TP's. No R51's though.

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005 11:06:03 +0100, Kuba W. wrote:

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Actually I dont think it makes any difference, upside
down or not. In desktops I have seen HD's mounted
on edge too.

The only no no is slanted, so that the load on the bearings
would be sideways.


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