Difficulty deciding on a mid-priced laptop

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I'm having trouble deciding on a laptop to purchase, not having
owned one or barely used one before.
I decided I didn't want a widescreen because I do a lot of work on a desktop
computer, including programming, graphics, web page design, playing 3d
I looked at a widescreen one and found that I couldn't set it at a 4:3 ratio
it wanted to crop the screen, rather than use the full height, 1024X768 on a
1280X800 screen,
let alone 800X600 which is a small square.

What I want is:
15" screen, hopefully one that looks bright or crisp or something
1.73 M processor (reasonable choice considering my price range)
60g hard drive at least
hard drive with 5400 rpm would be good
512 or more RAM, preferably DDRII, but accept that DDR RAM is used often,
regardless of chipset
Graphics card, the difficult part, I read that shared graphics memory is not
satisfactory, not reaching the ability
    of a basic video card, but I may accept the latest Intel shared type,
definitely not the out of date, 'extreme graphics'.

I've abandoned HP 6120 (part number 135) because it has no graphics card,
and uses DDRI, and not a great battery life and ordinary screen.
With the Toshiba Tecra S2, I read a bad review that complained about it's
noise and heat and low battery life.
The Fujitsu Lifebook C1320 is acceptable for a variety of reasons, but I
don't want widescreen, and it has not graphics
card, and the screen might look a bit plain.  It has the latest RAM and Hard
Drive, so I might want it if it came in 15".

I'm in Australia, so some models might vary.


Re: Difficulty deciding on a mid-priced laptop

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I have a Toshiba Tecra M2V and am happy with it.


Re: Difficulty deciding on a mid-priced laptop

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What am I to do, I have only what I have found to judge the computers by.

This is the review where they ended up returning their Tecra S2:

There is practically a whole web list for people who are disgruntled with
heating problems on Asus laptops.

I wonder if more recent Toshiba models might be running into problems using
later parts.

The review mentioned that there might not have been proper use of the
technology that the Centrino
chipset has which allows control of the fan and temperature, Speed step


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Re: Difficulty deciding on a mid-priced laptop

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Fujitsu N3010 - if serious gaming is to be done GET A LAPTOP COOLER
or the ATI video will fry - other than that caveat it's a great machine.


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