differences, T42/T40?

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Basically, what are the differences between the T40 and T42 apart from
the processor?
(if one takes models with the same screen size & HD)

I thought T40's don't have centrino but then I saw that it has models
that appear to be with the centrino (Pentium M?)

http://www5.pc.ibm.com/us/products.nsf /$wwwPartNumLookup/_237347U

Re: differences, T42/T40?

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There are no basic differences between the T40 and T42 beyond the faster
processors and the fingerprint reader security feature available on some

_ALL_ T4X machines are PentiumM based.



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Re: differences, T42/T40?

heruti wrote:

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Pentium M is only one part of Centrino.  To carry the "Centrino" label they
have to use a specific set of Intel components beyond the processor.  Since
Intel dragged their feet on their wifi boards, and since you couldn't use
the "centrino" label if you used somebody else's wifi board, there are a
lot of Pentium M machines that are not labelled "centrino".

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