Did my laptop harddrive pull out the Mobo connector?

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The HD died on a friend's HP Pavilion ez4600, so I pulled it out.  In
looking at replacement possibilities on the 'net, I saw that they all show
pins sticking out on the drive.  However, on the drive I pulled out, there
was a long slot, or socket, where it looked like pins would go INTO.  To
explain further, the drive had a female connector, so the inside of the
laptop must have the pins.

So I say wow, that's weird, and I examine the drive connector closely.  It
looks like the female slot might actually be an adapter of some sort, like
it's not all the same piece of plastic as the rest of the drive.  I pull on
the socket, and lo and behold, it comes off, leaving the pins I'm used to
seeing on the hard drive!  Unfortunately, the pulling off took a bit of
work, so I bent a bunch of the pins (but hey, the drive was dead anyway, I
had made sure of that during extensive troubleshooting efforts before
removing the drive).

So my question is, did this drive pull out this adapter thing from inside
the laptop?  Or will a replacement drive I buy have the same weird adapter
thing on it (which I am NOT seeing in these drive pictures)?  If the drive I
get has pins and not this adapter, how will I know I'm putting the adapter
on right, like over the right pins, etc.?

Sorry about the newbishness of this, it's very rarely that I need to mess
with laptop drives.

And by the way, if anyone happens to know if the Samsung Spinpoint M Series
MP0402H will successfully replace this Toshiba Slimline drive that came with
the HP Pavilion ze4630US, I would appreciate it.  It's a real hassle trying
to make sure these things are going to fit and be compatible. No one ever
seems to have the full specs; I had to look at 4 different vendor sites just
to make sure the Samsung is 2.5" and 9.55mm, and that the ATA6 will work
(and I'm STILL not sure)

Thanks for reading, and for any help.  I would hate to pay for this thing,
then have to send it back and lose the shipping money just because I'm an

Re: Did my laptop harddrive pull out the Mobo connector?

ALL IDE laptops drives have pins.  No exceptions at all.  If you see
holes, you are not looking at the bare drive, but rather at a drive
caddy or at some intermediate interface connector which could
conceivably have either come off with the drive or have stayed on the
computer (but in your case, it apparently came off with the drive ...
but it's not part of the drive, although this may not be obvious).

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