Dell XPS M1530 chokes on Easy Transfer Utility

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What I learned:

1. Dell support seems to be getting much better.  If true, that is
very nice to hear.
2. Their return procedures and policy seems to be very good.
3.  I don't know what caused the problem in the first place.  What do
you think?  Microsoft's transfer utility has a problem?  This Dell
computer had bad memory/hard drive/other?  I was asking too much from
transfering all my data using wireless WiFi?

My bottom line question (so I don't have the problem again):  Is the
Microsoft Easy Transfer utility safe?

I purchased and received yesterday a Dell XPS M1530 laptop to replace
my old desktop.  I have Dell Lattitude at work that is just
BULLETPROOF!!  (It is amazing what it takes and doesn't complain),
I wanted a larger screen for movies on the road and I like the remote
and other audio/visual features.  I do like the docking station on

Well, I unpacked the M1530 and booted it up.  Seemed to be OK.  I
thought I should get right to the "Easy Transfer Utility" that
Microsoft has.  I did not have the cable, and since I did not care
long it took, I used wireless (all computers and hubs are in the same

Well, about 10 to 15 minutes into the session, the new computer
locked.  I had to reboot.  I started it again on both computers and
everything seemed to go OK until the new computer locked again.  I
rebooted it and all the users that I have on my old computer were
there and it appeared that it had completed at least some of the
transfer correctly.  I signed into my profile and everything was fine
until....BLUE SCREEN!!  It rebooted.   Called tech support (they were
a lot better than I remember them being in the past) and they walked
me through the operation of F8 and trying to revert back to a factory
system.  The operation started OK, but then it blue screened again
after a couple of tries, I could not even get F8 to give me options.
Finally, it announced that the boot record was missing.  END OF
STORY.  The tech asked me to call Dell returns and I am sending it


Re: Dell XPS M1530 chokes on Easy Transfer Utility

eganders wrote:

 From my experience with Win98 to XP and XP to Vista, the Easy Transfer
Utility is a piece of junk.  I've never had a completed transfer: either
one of the destination computer or source computer locked up.


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