dell vs ibm vs fujitsu? recommendation?

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Currently I have a sony fx370 that can only run 256MB (if I put ram in
the other slot the machine crashes or won't boot at all). So I'm
looking for a replacement.

I do web development on the machine- mostly html, css, javascript (I'm
not really that hardcore). I often need to run dreamweaver,
illustrator/photoshop, multiple web browsers (IE 5-6, firefox), usually
run an antiVirus and firewall. My current laptop starts closing
applications on me when I try to get any work done since I'm running

I am looking for minimum 15" screen -  my current laptop has a 15"
screen and that's barely big enough to work with. I like the laptop for
portability, not that I carry it around much, but it does come in handy
when I need it! For the most part I like to work from my laptop, but
have access to a desktop when needed. My current laptop fits well in my
backpack, though it's rather heavy. I'm not sure how portable the 17"
screen laptops are?

I'm trying to keep the budget to about 1,000$ or less. From some of the
research I've done the Dell 9300 and Dell D610 sound reliable (though
one is large and heavy, and the other has a 14" screen). I haven't
heard much about the D810 so far.

However, I don't know much about IBM thinkpads (recently bought by
Lenovo), or Fujitsu Lifebook series. Do you all find them reliable as
Dell (or better), has the thinkpad quality changed since Lenovo bought
them? Does anyone have any recommendations for the IBM or Fujutsu
notebook series, or should I really stick with Dell?

Re: dell vs ibm vs fujitsu? recommendation?

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Can't you put more than 256MB in one slot? And are you SURE the ram is
properly specced and matched? Your post claims a general condition but
I get the impression your testing has only been for one instance.  It
might only be that ram (or the other, or the two together).


Re: dell vs ibm vs fujitsu? recommendation?

Peter T. Breuer wrote:
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No 512MB stick exists for this laptop, for some whacked reason. Not
crucial, not Kingston, not anyone that I could find. I was told by a
couple of places that since the laptop maxes out at 512MB that it can't
take a  512MB stick in a single slot. Sounded fishy to me, but I'm not
all that techy anyway.

The Ram I had in the slot was Crucial RAM. I checked with them that it
was the correct RAM before I bought it. It used to work. I put an old
128MB stick that used to be in the slot and that didn't work either.

My sister and I both have the same model laptop, purchased around the
same time, and the same thing happened to both of us (weird huh?). I
later read that this is not an uncommon problem for the slot to fail.

I didn't see any obvious loose connections in the slot. Sony requires
that you ship laptops to their repair centers, so there are no local
authorized sony repair centers. I asked around to see if anyone
recommended a repair shop, but no one knew of any other than Comp USA
or Frys. Neither of which I'd trust!

So I've kinda been frustrated in terms of trying to get this laptop
repaired. It's about 4 years old and bordering on obsolete as it is, I

Re: dell vs ibm vs fujitsu? recommendation?

werechicken wrote:
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Looking to sell/give away your sony?

Re: dell vs ibm vs fujitsu? recommendation?

Looking to sell/give away your sony?

Re: dell vs ibm vs fujitsu? recommendation?

I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, I might keep it or sell it on

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