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I bought a used Dell Inspiron 8200 with 256MB RAM and without any
passwords or CDs.  I added another 256MB DIMM and started to
re-install Windows XP Pro.  I see that there is a 32MB partition
before NTFS.  I used Ranish Partition Manager to determine that this
partition is type 0xDE.  A Google search identified this as the Dell
Utility Partition.

What is on this partition and how do I access it?

Is this worth keeping or am I better off reclaiming the space and
adding it to my NTFS partion?

I read that some laptops store suspend-to-disk data on a partition
like this one, but I believe that this one is too small for that.  So
where is the hibernation data stored?  If I'm wrong and this IS where
Dell stores suspend-to-disk data, what size partition do I need now
that I have 512MB RAM?

Re: Dell Utility Partition

Bob Simon wrote:
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That partition contains Dell's diagnostic utilities. First thing I did
when I bought my Inspiron 8200 was repartition and reload Windows.
Haven't missed the partition -- the diagnostics disk is always available.

BTW, don't know how you are supposed to use the partition.

Re: Dell Utility Partition


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, the diagnostic disk would be available if I had one.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any CDs with my notebook.

I searched Dell's web site to try to find what you're talking about.
From Drivers & Downloads I selected Inspiron 8200 and then Windows XP.
The Diagnostic Utilities section has two entries:
Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics
Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics (Graphical User Interface version)

Is this it?

Hopefully someone else will be able to tell me how to use the utility
partition and where S2D data is stored.  (I hope in the 20GB NTFS

Re: Dell Utility Partition

| What is on this partition

It's hardware diagnostics only. The one you  found to download (Dell 32 Bit
Diagnostics) is the same.

| how do I access it?

f12 @ boot


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