Dell, Toshiba, HP?

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I want to buy laptop computer with 17" LCD and I have some questions
about it.
Which manufacturer should I choose (Toshiba, Dell, HP), assuming all of
them got the same config?

Intel C2D 1,6GHz 533MHz - maybe Core Duo 667MHz + appropriate RAM would
be better than Core 2 Duo? C2D 667MHz is too expensive for me.
2GB RAM 533MHz
HDD 100GB 7200rpm (is 7200 much faster than 5400? isn't it to hot?)
LCD 17" 1680x1050
Graphic adapter Radeon or GeForce - it's not essantial but maybe I
should choose integrated one?

And last but not least is which one is better considering reliability,
performance and _loudness_?

GT: shm PL

Re: Dell, Toshiba, HP?

Check out the very long and very negative Toshiba thread in hardware
reviews. Then, eliminate Toshiba.

I have never actually met anyone who had a HP laptop.  Ditto Sony.

Dell's E1705 (17") is a nice rig, and the E1505 (15")
version of that line got a Consumer Reports best buy rating a few
months back.  I bought an E1505 for my daughter to take to college,
after she rejected the E1705 as too big. After working with her E1505,
I agree and am considering buying another 1505 for myself instead of a
1705. The price difference between the two systems is around $100-150
depending on your configuration.

Have you considered a MAC?

--RAM: Match the FSB speed to the RAM speed.
--I paid for the upgrade to 7200 RPM HD since I think that is
important. Heat was not a consideration for me.
--Here is a thought: Integrated video + 2 GB RAM = non-sequitur in
terms of system requirements. For yourself, consider this system's
intended functions. Is it running Vista and Office 2007, or playing
games, or both? Determine the most demanding requirement and then
build to that. If you want 2GB RAM, then you probably want 256MB
video, 6800 or greater.
--Integrated video is better than it used to be, but not for Windows
Vista or cutting-edge games. If you buy a laptop with integrated
video, you are probably stuck with it. You cannot decide to add a
video card to most laptops afterward, without replacing the

Re: Dell, Toshiba, HP?

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Generally, Toshibas are low quality. But somehow often live to be old.
They're the Volkswagen Minibus of the laptop world.

Dell is OK, usually. The latitude is the quality line, inspiron is the
cheap line.

Sony is expensive, but it is worse than Toshiba  (I've seen lots of
dead Vaios). Pretty, purple, and trash.

Fujitsu is good quality, but repairs seem to cost more than
replacement for some reason.

E-machines is notoriously bad. Friends don't let friends buy
emachines. Their desktops are time-bombs. I shudder to think about
what horrors their laptops may reveal.

Compaqs, historically have weak power jacks (i've personally snapped
more than 1) On top of that, the connection is too tight and the
temptation is to wiggle it out to loosen it. And I've seen that the
armada e-500 has a backlight that turns red, and then dies. Maybe this
is fixed in more recent models. I don't know.

Off-brand wal-mart specials are hit and miss. They're often way
underpowered. I remember seeing one where it shipped with only 128mb
of ram, and 32mb that was dedicated to integrated video. It shipped
with XP. Which is painful with 96mb of available ram!

Apple: Don't get the first revision of anything Apple. Just don't.
Several of my colleagues repair apple computers for a living.

HP is OK, sorta. Some are good, and some are trash. And you don't know
in advance. As it has no bearing on price.

Panasonic: They're toughbooks really are pretty unkillable. And that
means their owners abuse the hell out of them. If you're a little on
the klutzy side, it's an option to consider.

On the loudness issue: there is a relationship between heat and noise.
And also between performance and heat (this is oversimplified, but
will do).  More heat, means more aggressive cooling, which mean fans
must run faster and, and therefor louder.

Integrated video on laptops is nowadays more a question of
serviceability, rather than performance. As long as you're not gaming.
It shouldn't be a major concern. Having a non-integrated video is a
plus because it can be more easily replaced if broken, or upgraded if
the need arises. Integrated video is cheaper. It's a question of where
your priorities are.

Re: Dell, Toshiba, HP?

I totally disagree with your characterization of Toshiba laptops.  So
would lots of other people.  Toshiba is among the better laptop brands.
  I'd certainly take Toshiba over HP (or Compaq), or Sony (I guess we
agree on that).  And over some (but not all) Dell models.  And I repair
laptops, so I've seen lots of various models. wrote:
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Re: Dell, Toshiba, HP?

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I totally disagree with your characterization of Toshiba laptops.  So

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It's nice to hear someone say something positive about Toshiba.
However, it appears that you hold a minority opinion. Can you quantify
why some of the negative press is inaccurate?


Re: Dell, Toshiba, HP?

no@spam.invalid (Guy) writes:

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TBH my wife's been happy enough with her Toshiba, and one of our friends
with hers, that we've just bought a couple more.

So there's at least a small handful of us. (-:

One thing I liked about them was the ease of upgrading to a 4-year
carry-in warranty for $200. Unlike my wife's Toshiba, my IBM Thinkpad
seemed to need warranty service at least annually, and I didn't want to
be battling telephone call centres with people reading from their
technical support scripts and suchlike.


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