Dell Studio 17 DVD drive doesn't work worth a crap

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I have major issues with my Dell Studio 17 DVD drive (model TS-T633A).
A DVD with the slightest scratch or fingerprint brings the system to
its knees (I'm talking 5min soft lock, BSOD, or hard lock). And if
that happens, I can't get the thing to eject the DVD without a power
cycle. I'm running Vista 32bit with the latest drivers, etc. On top of
the read problem, the drive won't eject discs most days anyways. If I
push the eject button within one minute after coming out of sleep
mode, the disc is in there until I hard power the laptop. And that
requires holding down the power button because the kernel is basically
hosed at that point. The self tests on the DVD drive itself all pass
with flying colors. And, like I said, new DVDs all play fine. Do these
issues sound familiar? Any ideas for how I can increase the robustness
of the drive/system relationship? I do think it is utterly silly that
the DVD drive has the ability to take down the OS -- it's not OS-
critical hardware.

PS, don't install Yahoo Messenger 8.x on this laptop. There is a major
sound card driver conflict with that version of messenger. I haven't
tried version 9 yet.

Re: Dell Studio 17 DVD drive doesn't work worth a crap

not_a_commie wrote on Sun, 7 Dec 2008 21:35:04 -0800 (PST):
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Whenever I have seen this, it always have been the drive itself is
defective. I have seen this with CD and DVD drives. And a properly
working CD/DVD will not take the OS down.

Yahoo has v9 out already? My old Toshiba 2595XDVD laptops ('99 era)
can't run anything higher than v6 (or was it v5?). As newer versions
would run up to 20 minutes and then crash. But they only have 192MB of
RAM too, so maybe that is why. One has Windows 98SE and the other has
Windows 2000.

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