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I have 2 dell laptops, one which is dead, one which works. I have only
one power cord and need to charge the dead one. Problem is, the power
cord is PA-15 and the laptop I need to connect it to is PA-12.

Specs on the brick I have is: 19.5V and 7.7A output
To my best knowledge the laptop needs 19.5V and 4.62A input.

The extra current from the power brick is going to fry that laptop,
isn't it? Or am I safe?

Re: Dell Power Cord question writes:
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You're safe.  Power supplies provide (relatively) constant voltage at
variable current, with the current determined by the load.  The 7.7 A
rating means the supply can provide *up to* 7.7 A, but if the laptop
only wants 2 A at the moment, that's all the current that flows.


Re: Dell Power Cord question

You are safe; the laptop determines the current, not the adapter.  The
rating on the adapter is merely the maximum current that it COULD supply. wrote:
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