Dell latitude will not boot

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I have a Dell Latitude CPt with BIOS revision A15. It boots
intermittently. It also shuts down or freezes intermittently for no
obvious reason. I would like help in diagnosing the problems which I
hope have a common cause. I will describe the sequence of operations
involved in booting - I have no battery connected.
1) I press the power button and the power light comes on;
2) Lights "A" and "i" come on;
3) Light "9" comes on;
4) The hard disk light flashes;
5) Lights "9", "A", and "i" go off;
6) The screen shows the bios loading;
7) The boot sector of the hard drive is used to load the OS.

When loading fails, stage 3) is not reached and the machine shuts down.

I would value pointers to documents which will allow me to diagnose such
problems. Stripping the machine down and cleaning it seemed to cure the
problems but they returned within an hour. It does not seem to be a
question of temperature according to i8kfan.
Walter Briscoe

Re: Dell latitude will not boot

poorly seated CPU is usual culprit.  power off, battery out, press on
O/P area of keyboard with heel of hand.  also check screws on base of
laptop are firmly screwed in.

Re: Dell latitude will not boot

Wed, 4 Jan 2006 04:35:21 in, ric
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That seems to do the job. I removed keyboard and leant hard on
insulation over processor. I  then  re-assembled and tested  10 times
without problem. Thanks.

I take it you know of no document which describes boot sequence in

A15 is the latest BIOS tested on my system. Are later levels likely to
be OK?
Walter Briscoe

Re: Dell latitude will not boot

there is documented detail about the error codes (i.e. flashing lights)
if that's what you mean but i wouldn't bother.  in your case it meant
CPU hardware problem, which is fixed.
if it helps, later models were retrofitted with small clips to stop
this happening again but to be honest it's usually fine once you've
pushed it back in - it's been OK up to now, if you see what i
mean...some models have small screws holding down the heatsink, some
don't - if yours has these, make sure they're tight.

for the bios upgrades, if the dell site says it's for your system,
it'll work.  probably not worth flashing it unless you have a specific
problem, though as if you cock it up accidentally or the power goes out
mid flash it may kill your board.  it'll make no difference to the
issue you had with your CPU, though, which was just due to your CPU
working loose in the socket...


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