Dell latitude D800 Win Xp : can not input chinese

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  I just had a Dell Latitude D800 laptop, it has Windows XP SP1 on it.
The  problem is I can not config the chinese input.

  I actually have a Dell desktop with XP SP1 and on that one I config
the Chinese very well, so I think I know how to do that.

  On this laptop, there are some weird things in configing that:
  1) in Regional and language support window, after I click 'east asia
language file", there is a dialog saying some files will be copied
over. But there is nothing happens. Maybe Win XP silently does it
because after I re-boot the PC, I am able to see the Chinese in the

  2) the real problem is on the desktop PC, at this point when I came
back to the "reginal and language support" window, I can see the
Chinese language is one of the languages that I can add as input
language, but on this laptop, I can not find chinese in the language

  So I have no way to input Chinese on D800.

Is this a known problem/


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