Dell Latitude D510 Mouse Problem

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I tried to work around disabling the integrated mouse (touch pad) on my
Dell Latitude D510, when using an external mouse.
The settings on XP don't have this option.
The BIOS has 3 options regarding the mouse setting:

1. Integrated Mouse Always Enabled
2. Integrated Mouse Disabled When External PS/2 Device is Connected
3. Both Integrated and External Mouse Working

The ideal option for me would be number 2 but when I select it it is
not really working. I'm using a USB mouse, there is no other option on
my Laptop.

What I'm doing now is selecting option number 1 and then when I need to
enable the integrated mouse I have to go into the BIOS and change the
settings back to either 2 or 3. A very time consuming task.

Searching the Dell website for solution wasn't so helpful.
Anyone has any idea or suggestion?


Re: Dell Latitude D510 Mouse Problem

I believe you need to identify the driver you're using and get the
updated version.  That will allow you to disable/enable your pointing
devices selectively.

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