Dell Latitude C600 key problem

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I have a Dell Latitude C600 that I dropped once long ago without much
long-term issue, but for a short time a couple of the keys were iffy
and didn't always work. Everything was fine for a year until I was
carrying it around in its bag the other day, as I do often, and it must
have gotten a little jostled around, since some keys have stopped
working again (t, y, backspace, function keys).

Since the problem corrected itself the first time and was fine a long
time, I'm wondering if something gets loose that I should be looking at
before I go replacing the keyboard. Anyone have any experience that
might shed any light on the problem?

Re: Dell Latitude C600 key problem

Check the keyboard connector, remove it and reseat it.  It's possible
you did damage to the motherboard that has made the keyboard
intermittent.  There's not much to a laptop keyboard, so you need to
consider that the damage might be elsewhere (motherboard), but first I'd
remove and reinstall the keyboard.

Pete from Boston wrote:

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Re: Dell Latitude C600 key problem

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Cool, I'll give that a shot. Thanks.

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