Dell Latitude C600 cpu temperature

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I've just completed setting up a dual boot Win2K / Linux (Debian based
Ubuntu w/KDE) on my C600 (750mhz) and have been using it nearly all day
every day in sunny & hot New Orleans. I've installed Gkrellm on the
Linux side & it's been reporting cpu temperatures running up to 60C,
sometimes going higher. On the Win2K side I'm running the equivalent of
the i8k utility for Dell laptops & it's option settings keep the cpu
fanned down below 50C. What's a safe range of temps for the cpu / HD on
Dells? Just trying to determine at what point to become concerned and
try to take action. Both OS are fully updated / patched / hot-fixed etc.
Just about ironed out all other issues on both sides with the exception
of finding a front end for ndiswrapper that will scan for available
wireless networks. Regards

Re: Dell Latitude C600 cpu temperature

Ian DuBaurrenfield napisaƂ(a):
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I had Dell Latitude CPx H500GT and the same problem (I think there is no
problem). When I work on my notebook (web browser, IM, newsreader)
temperature was 50-63 and everything was OK. Only fans turn on.

Now I have IBM Thinkpad and the same temperature. I think You shouldn't
worry about it. It's a typical temperature for this DELLs.


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