Dell latitude battery issue

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I inherited an old, but otherwise good, Dell latitude CPi (P2, 366MHz).
The battery (type 1691p) charges up to 100% (acc. to the icon in the
taskbar). When running on batteries the charge goes from 100% immediately to
7%, and then gradually to 0%. Once on 0%, it manages to run some 45 minutes
before it's completely dead. I disabled all warnings and shutdowns in the
When on mains, and on batteries, the battery LED on the laptop constantly
blinks 4x orange, 1x green.

Two questions remain:
1- apparently the battery is a bit better than one might expect from the
taskbar icon. How can I "recalibrate" the battery-indicator again?
2- what's the best try to "revitalize" the battery? I read a lot on the www
(draining the battery, freezing it....). Any hands-on suggestions?

Thanks, Folkert (pardon my English, I'm Dutch...)

Re: Dell latitude battery issue

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I know it's not the answer to the question you asked, but it may help ...

The diagnostic procedures from the Dell User Guide are as follows:

Total Power Failure When Using a Battery
If an AC adapter is not connected to your computer, the computer's power source
is a battery. If the battery indicator flashes amber or is a steady amber, the
battery needs to be charged. If the battery is flashing green and amber, the
battery may be defective. To troubleshoot this problem, use the following
1. Turn off the computer and peripherals, and disconnect them from AC power.
2. Reseat each installed battery by removing it and then replacing it.
3. Turn on the computer. Does the green power indicator light up?
Allow one minute for the computer to initialize its components before checking
for signs of power.
Yes. Continue to step 4.
No. Use the AC adapter to connect your computer to AC power. If the computer
operates normally when using AC power, go to step 7. If the computer does not
boot when using the AC adapter, see the previous subsection, "Total Power
Failure When Using the AC Adapter."
4. Does the battery indicator flash amber or show a a steady amber light?
Yes. The battery needs to be charged. Go step 5.
No. Go to step 7.
5. Connect the computer to AC power, and fully charge the battery.
For instructions, see the topic titled "Charging the Battery" in the online
System User's Guide.
6. As the battery charges, does the green battery indicator light up?
Yes. Go to step 9.
No. Go to step 7.
7. Is the battery indicator flashing green and amber?
Yes. Your computer may be in a hot environment.  Charging the battery in this
condition may affect the life span of the battery. Continue to step 8.
No. The problem is resolved.
8. Disconnect the computer from AC power. Is the the battery indicator still
flashing amber?
Yes. You may have a defective battery. Continue to step 9.
No. The problem is resolved.
9. Remove the battery, and press its test button. Is the uppermost indicator in
the charge gauge of the battery flashing?
Yes. You have a defective battery. Continue to step 9.
No. The problem is resolved.
10. If a spare battery is available, fully charge it, and then install it in the
11. Turn on the computer. Is the power indicator off?
Yes. Your original battery is defective. Call Dell for a replacement. (See
Chapter 5, "Getting Help," for
No. Call Dell for technical assistance. (See Chapter 5, "Getting Help," for

Re: Dell latitude battery issue

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indicator in
in the

Go to Search on "Recalibrate Battery"

You will get two responses. The first is:

<< Start Dell Support >>
1. Batteries do not have to be fully discharged periodically like the older
notebook batteries did.

No. The new lithium-ion batteries do not acquire a false memory of the
charge level and do not have to be fully discharged periodically like the
older notebook batteries did.

You may need to recalibrate the battery from time to time. Recalibrating the
battery maintains the accuracy of the main-battery indicator on the status
display panel, the charge gauge on the main battery, and the battery status
icon. The following message prompts you when it is time to recalibrate the

"You must recalibrate the battery to maintain the accuracy of the battery
status indicators."

NOTE: You do not have to recalibrate the battery immediately. However, the
longer you delay, the less accurate the battery status indicators become.
The message appears each time you boot the computer until you have
recalibrated the main battery.

To recalibrate the main battery, attach the AC adapter to the computer and
leave the computer on. You may continue working while the recalibration
process goes on. Or, it may be more convenient to let the battery
recalibrate overnight. During recalibration, the computer completely
discharges the main battery. The main-battery activity indicator in the
status display panel blinks and the bars on the battery status indicator
change to show the changes in the battery's charge level. When recalibration
is completed, the main-battery activity indicator stops blinking and the AC
adapter recharges the battery.

If you are not getting the life that you have been from the battery, you can
download and run the "BATRECAL" utility from the Dell website at: .

This will force a recalibration.
<< End Dell Support>>

Go to the second link and download the recalibration utility.

Ignore the part where is says you can download "BATRECALL" from, that just sends you back to .com

I havn't tried this because

1.) I don't have a Dell.

2.) so far my two year old laptop battery is working fine.

I don't know if this will help or not, but it is worth a try.


Re: Dell latitude battery issue

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That BATRECAL tool is only for certain specific Dell laptops, my Dell
latitude CPi is not one of these.

Thanks anyway for your thoughts.

Rgds, Folkert

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