Dell laptops vs Everest memory SPD report

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This was another thread about a mystery memory module
that would not work in our Dell laptops with other SDRAM modules...
-->  but this was about how the Everest (and CPU-Z) utilities
can't see both memory slots via the SPD

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Looks like I also encountered a Dell vs Everest situation.
Wish I had played just a little bit more
to find out about the mystery module before I sent it back.
More and more it seems like it must have been an EDO module
in that it would not play nice with the SDRAM modules,
and that the Dell BIOS complained that it found an EDO module.

---> snip'd from the Everest forum posting <--

I was having some probs with our Dell laptops and a new memory module.
Someone suggested Everest - so I downloaded it today... GREAT program.
But - the SPD info does not always show up ?
With two 144pin SODIMM memory slots inside the laptop,
when the SPD info does display, it only reports on slot #2 ?

I was doing some head scratching, as when the single mystery module
was placed into slot #1 - nothing showed in SPD.
If the single module is in slot #1 - then nothing shows in Everest SPD.
If both slots are filled, then again, only slot #2 is reported for SPD.
Tried with different size modules to see if that would force a display -
Dell Inspiron 4000 - PC100
Dell Latitude C600 - PC100
Dell Latitude (x2) C610 - PC133

Any ideas on what would cause it to not display for slot #1, but only
slot #2 ?
BTW - what is SPD ?

---> reply

 SPD = Serial Presence Detect. It's a way of connecting memory modules
to the SMBus of the motherboard to let applications read out memory
module hardware default configuration like memory timings, product name,
serial number, etc.

Maybe your Dell systems only have slot#2 connected to the SMBus, and
slot#1 is not. You may want to check it with other tools too, like CPU-Z
or HWiNFO32.

---> followup -
BTW - just downloaded and tried CPU-Z and it reports the same thing -
only 1 slot of memory when physically 2 are installed.

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