Dell laptop screen...YUCK!

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I just did a side by side comparison of my Dell Inspiron B130 screen
(14.1" widescreen) at Circuit City and the Dell display was far, FAR
inferior to absolutely every other laptop CC carried (high end, low
end, everything).  Mine has a washed out screen, horribly narrow
viewing angle range, etc, etc.  I don't know if it's a defect or if
Dell just uses crap screens in their bargain basement models (the
salesman at CC said it was the latter, but he wants to sell me a
machine so who knows).

So my Dell is going back, and my question is this:  Dare I try another
Dell model or is crap par for the course from them?


Re: Dell laptop screen...YUCK!

My wife uses a Dell laptop (an 1100) which was bottom-of-the-Dell-line
when she bought it.  It's screen looks fine to me after well over a
years use.  Moreover, traditionally Dell units have been value/$ and
durable.  Particularly, since I've noticed that LCD characteristics
even of the same model/manufacturer can very fairly widely in terms of
brightness, clarity etc.  Therefore, until you get a 2nd bad Dell
unit, I would presume it was the particular laptop (or possibly the
particular model) that was defective.

Re: Dell laptop screen...YUCK!

Thanks Chris.  I'll give it another shot.

Chris F Clark wrote:
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Re: Dell laptop screen...YUCK!

Dell screens are, overall, no better or worse than those used by anyone
else.  You may have a defective screen, or the screen model used in your
particular model of laptop may be generally inferior, but I've worked on
dozens of Dell laptops, as well as Toshiba (and some other brands), and,
overall, across all models, they are neither better nor worse than
anyone else. wrote:

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Re: Dell laptop screen...YUCK! wrote:
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I have a Dell D610 (14.1"), and a Compaq X1000 (15.4"). The Compaq
screen is much better in terms of brightness. "Washed out" is a good
description. I wouldn't have noticed it unless both machines were side
by side.

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