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I have a Dell Inpsiron 6000. Pretty nice but getting kinda old. So I
was thinking about upgrading/modifying some of the components. First
of all, I wanted to overclock the processor and GPU. I found how to do
the processor, but I'm not sure how to do the GPU. Its an ATI Radeon
x300. Either way, I plan to replace the fan and heat sinks with better
fans and copper heat sink with Arctic Silver. That should keep the
extra heat under control. After that, I wanted to add some LED
lighting. I have heard of people doing this, but I am unsure of where
to draw power from. I think drawing it from the screen backlight power
would be best. Also add a webcam and microphone to the top of the
screen panel like they have built in on newer ones. Some of you might
laugh becuase of the rediculous amount of work this requires, but to
those people I say I have ripped it apart before so I know what I am
doing. Please give me any suggestions you might have

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stiffman320 wrote:
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For most notebooks, your plan leads nowhere.  Sure, you can overclock,
but realize that the heat removal system will likely defeat your efforts
to produce a *meaningful* improvement in CPU performance.  Also, where
are you getting a better heat sink?  The critical path in the cooling
system is the heat pipe(s) and the heat exchanger.  How are you going to
improve these?

This is not only going to be a ridiculous amount of work, but will come
at some expense - likely a significant part of the cost for a new notebook.

BTW, the backlight power is high voltage, DC. You don't know at all what
you are doing, but report back on your progress.


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I can't take this post seriously
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